What is DIN Number Registration

DIN (Director Identification Number) registration is a unique identification number assigned to individuals who wish to become directors of companies registered in India. It is a mandatory requirement for all directors to obtain a DIN before they can hold office. DIN number registration is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and helps ensure transparency, accountability, and proper identification of directors. It provides a digital identity to directors and facilitates the electronic filing of documents. DIN registration helps maintain a reliable database of directors, enhancing corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Purpose of a DIN

The purpose of a DIN (Director Identification Number) is to uniquely identify and track the directors of companies registered in India. It serves as a means to maintain a centralized and reliable database of directors, ensuring transparency and accountability in corporate governance. With a DIN, directors can be easily identified and their details can be accessed by various regulatory authorities and stakeholders. The DIN also facilitates the electronic filing of documents, simplifying administrative processes and promoting efficient communication between directors and government agencies.

Documents Required for DIN  Number  Registration

  1. Photograph of the applicant
  2. Self-attested copy PAN CARD
  3. Self-attested proof of residence i.e., Aadhar card/ any utility bill or bank statement not older than two months (in the name of applicant)
  4. Attested passport copy is mandatory as ID proof for foreign nationals.
  5. Digital signature certificate.


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